Solve 2x^3-23= Y When X=1 (2024)

Mathematics High School


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

When x=1,

y= 2* 1^3 - 23 = 2*1 - 23 = 2-23 = -21

Answer 2



Step-by-step explanation:

Solve for y by simplifying both sides of the equation, then isolating the variable.

2x^3-23= y




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A16 ounce bottle of orange juice says it could take 200 mg of vitamin C which is 250% of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin C for adults what is 100% of the daily recommended


It should be 40 mg of vitamin C; I do percent over 100 times part over whole. 250/100 and x /16 then cross multiple the 250 and 16. You get 4000. Finally divide by 100 to get 40. 40 mg


100% of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin C for adults is 80 milligrams.

Step-by-step explanation:

Mrs.Jones got a new freezer. she plugged it in, and it began to get cold. The temperature dropped 12 degrees every hour for 6 hours. What was the change in the temperature in the freezer over those 6 hours?




Step-by-step explanation:

Its pretty simple but I know that we can forget sometime, all you need to do is multiply.

12 x 6 = T

12 x 6 = 72

please simplify if possible -5 1/3 × -2 2/5 AND SHOW WORK If you dont know how to show work then dont answer in really stressed and I bbh have 3 tests and 7 assignments due in a few hours ​



-5 1/3 × (-2 ) 2/5

- 16/3 x (-2) 2/5

16/3 x 2 x 2/5

(calculate the product)


alternate form:

4 4/15



Cary is having a party and can only afford to spend no more than $40 on food. She wants to order at least 3 pizzas which cost $6 a pie, and at least 2 orders of wings that cost $8 per order. Select all the inequalities she would have to graph to determine how many pizzas and wings she could order. Let x stand for the number of pizzas and y stand for the number of wings.


do you want us to show how we solved it too?


y ≥ 2

x ≥ 3

6x + 8y ≤ 40

Step-by-step explanation:

Is this equation linear?

Is this equation linear?
y= x/4+7 (The x/4 is a fraction)


9514 1404 393



Step-by-step explanation:

In the equation ...

y = x² +3

the largest variable exponent is 2, which is not 1. The equation is not linear.


In the equation ...

y = (1/4)x +7

the largest variable exponent is 1, so the equation is linear.

12,851 rounded to the nearest ten thousand?




Step-by-step explanation:

because 851 is above 500 you add 1 to the 2 then put 000 for the other numbers

what is a negative number that has an absolute value greater than 10​




Step-by-step explanation:

any number less than -10 will have an absolute value higher than 10



Explicación paso a paso:

La configuración formará un triángulo de ángulos rectos.

Deje que el pie de la escalera a la pared sean los lados adyacentes = 2,5 m

La altura de la pared será el lado opuesto = 3,5 m

La longitud de la escalera será la hipotenusa.

Usando el teorema de Pitágoras:

hip² = opp² + adj²

hip² = 3,5² + 2,5²

hip² = 12,25 + 6,25

hip² = 6

hip = √6

hip = 2,45 m

Por tanto, la longitud de la escalera es 2,45 m.

Please Please answer this! I will be so thankful and will mark brainliest.

If angle 1 and angle 3 are vertical angles, and m<1= (5x + 14) degrees and m<3= (7x - 4) degrees, what is the value of x, and the measure for angle 1?



x = 9

[tex] m\angle 1= 59\degree [/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

Since, [tex] \angle 1 \:and \:\angle 3[/tex] are vertical angles.

[tex]\therefore m\angle 1 = m\angle 3\\

\therefore (5x + 14) \degree= (7x - 4) \degree\\

\therefore (5x + 14) = (7x - 4) \\

\therefore 5x - 7x = - 4 - 14\\

\therefore -2 x = - 18\\\\

\therefore x =\frac{-18}{-2}\\\\

\huge \orange {\boxed {\therefore x = 9}} \\\\

m\angle 1 = (5x + 14) \degree\\

m\angle 1 = (5\times 9+ 14) \degree\\

m\angle 1 = (45+ 14) \degree\\

\huge \purple{ \boxed{m\angle 1 =59\degree}}[/tex]

2b-4/3=b-3/6. I don’t know how to solve it :(


Answer: b=5/6

You want to get b on one side and the fractions on the other. First you should subtract b from both sides giving you 2b-b-4/3=-3/6. Then you add 4/3 to both sides. That gives you 2b-b=-3/6+4/3. Combine like terms. Subtract b from 2b. Find the least common denominator for the fraction side which would be 6. This makes the equation b=-3/6+8/6. Add the fractions and you get b=5/6

b= 5/6
Hope it helps




look at the attached picture


X = -16.75

Step-by-step explanation:


(x + 12)23 = 23x + 276

12 + 5x -1 = 11 + 5x

Combine like terms.

23x - 2x - 5x = 16x

11 - (276 + 3+16 ) = -284

16x = -284

x = -17.75

Mary must average at least 30 hours of work per week during each five-week cycle to keep her health benefits. During the first four weeks of the cycle, she has worked 30, 30, 28, and 28 hours. What is the lowest amount of hours she can work in the fifth week to have a weekly average of 30 hours?



34 hours

Step-by-step explanation:

given the figures for the work are

30, 30, 28, and 28

we know that average

A= sum of values/number of values

let the fifth value be x

the number of values is now 5

given that A=30


cross multiply



x=34 hours

Which statement about the ordered pairs (2, −9) and (3, −6) is true for the equation 5x−y/3=13?




Step-by-step explanation:






A $40 hat was on sale with a discount of 40%. What was the total amount Jill had to pay that includes 10% sales tax?



I believe it is $17.6

Step-by-step explanation:

40 x 0.4 = 16 -------> 16 x 0.1 = 1.6

add 1.6 to $16 which equals 17.6

Which ordered pair is on the inverse of f(x)?
O (-4,-2)
O (-2,-2)
0 (-1,-2)





Step-by-step explanation:

Inverse function is where y and x are exchanged in position of a equation of a function.

Slope intercept equation


Sorry I’m confused! Maybe....

Tangela earns the same amount each week by babysitting. When she started this job, she had $200 in her savings account.

The table shows Tangela's savings account balance for her first month of work.

Week 0 1 2 3 4
Balance $200 $350 $500 $650 $800

Let x represent the number of weeks Tangela has been working and let y represent Tangela's account balance.

Which equation, expressed in Slope-Intercept form, represents the amount of money in Tangela's bank account over time?



y = 150x + 200

Step-by-step explanation:

Given the table :

Week (x) __ 0 ____ 1 ____ 2 ____3 _____ 4

Balance(y) :$200_ $350_ $500_ $650_ $800

Equation in slope - intercept form:

y = mx + c


x and y are the independent(x) and dependent variables (y)

C = intercept, value of y, when x = 0

m = gradient change in y per change in x


c = $200 ; y value when x = 0

m = change in x / change in y

m = (500 - 350) / ( 2 - 1)

m = $150

Hence, equation becomes :

y = 150x + 200

Oscar received a $100 gift card from Better Buy for his birthday. He used the card to purchase 3 DVDs. The balance on the card is now $74.50. If all the DVDs cost the same amount, what was the cost, x, of 1 DVD?




Step-by-step explanation:

74.50 divided by 3

-3(m - 4) <6
Solve inequality


isolate the variable by dividing each side by factors that dont contain the variable inequality form:

M > 2

how do you Simplify 3^6 x 3



3^7 or 2187

Step-by-step explanation:

Can someone please help me with these questions I don’t have much time thxxx


if not, i read it wrong. the picture is too blurry

A public health researcher wishes to study the dietary behavior of residents in Durham County. The researcher randomly contacts 35 county residents and collects data on their daily sugar intake and obtained a sample average of 37.4 grams sugar per day and a sample standard deviation of 4.2 grams per day. The researcher would like to construct a 99% confidence interval for the mean daily sugar intake of residents in the county using the data. Which distribution should the researcher use when analyzing these data?


Answer: The researcher should use a t-distribution because they do not know the true standard deviation of daily sugar intake in Durham county

Step-by-step explanation:

Given data:

No of county residents contacted = 35

Sample average = 37.4grams

Standard deviation = 4.2.

Confidence interval.

From the given data above it is obvious that the research doesn’t know the true data for standard deviation of the daily intake of sugar in Durham. And as such the best distribution method that can be employed by the researcher to solve this problem would be the T-distribution.

Write a question that represents the following equation.
22-7= 15



15 + 7= 22

Step-by-step explanation:

What does the arrow represent at the end of the graph
Your answer:
Goes on forever
Stops at the arrow
You didn't go over it


The arrow at the end of a graph tells us that it goes on forever.

PLZ HELP LAST QUESTION given the piecewise function given below select all statements that are true f(x)=-x+1,x<0 -2,x=0 x^2-1,x>0 All in brackets A.F(4)=7 Bf(-1)=2 c.F(-2)=0 d.F(1)=0



Step-by-step explanation:

Given the function f(x)=-x+1,x<0 and f(x) = x^2-1,x>0

when x = 4

f(4) = -4+1

f(4) = -3

Also f(4) = 4^2 -1

f(4) = 8-1

f(4) = 7

when x = -1

f(-1) = -(-1)+1

f(-1) = 2

Also f(-1) = (-1)^2 -1

f(-1) = 1-1

f(-1) = 0

when x = -2

f(-2) = -(-2)+1

f(-2) = 3

Also f(-2) = (-2)^2 -1

f(-2) = 4-1

f(-2) = 3

when x = 1

f(1) = -1)+1

f(1) = -2

Also f(1) = (1)^2 -1

f(1) = 1-1

f(1) = 0

From the calculation above, the correct statements are

A. F(4)=7

B f(-1)=2

d. F(1)=0

Isaac read that 32% of people owned dogs. What decimal represents the portion of people who
do not own dogs?


If 32 percent of people own dogs, then that means 68 percent of people do not own dogs. 68% as a decimal would be 0.68. Hope this helps you!!

The 0.68 decimal represents the part of humans who do not own dogs.

What is proportionality?

the property of having suitable proportions in terms of size, number, degree, harshness, etc. If a defensive action against an unfair attack results in destruction that contravenes the proportionality criterion, it may even go far beyond a justifiable defense.

Given, Isaac read that 32% of people owned dogs.


We can say the portion of people who owned dogs = is 32% of * the total number of people

the portion of people who owned dogs = 0.32* total people


The portion of people who Do not own dogs will be = 1 - 0.32* total people

The portion of people who Do not own dogs will be = 0.68 total people

therefore, the 0.68 decimal represents the portion of people who

do not own dogs.

Learn more about proportionalities here:


1) Jon is standing 60 feet from the base of a cliff watching a friend, Marvin, prepare to bungee jump. The angle of elevation to the top of the cliff is 73º. How high is the cliff Marvin is jumping from?​



196 feet

Step-by-step explanation:

Let be A the point where Jon is standing, B the point at the base of the cliff and C the point where Marvin is standing, this situation resemble to a right triangle .AB us the distance from the base of the cliff, that is 60 feet.

m<BAC is 73° .We need to find BC.

Right angle is <ABC



x=tan73°*60=3.27*60=196 feet approximately.

whatis 3 1/6 divided by 9/10



3 14/27

Step-by-step explanation:


3.51851851852 …95/27 or 3 14/27

Step-by-step explanation:

It can be 3.518 …

or 95/27 depending

on your question. It can also be

3 14/27 ( Three and Fourteen Forward Slash Twenty Sevenths )

Hope this helps! <3

1) A motorcycle travels 300 miles south in 3 hours. What is the average velocity?
2)If the velocity of a car is 45 kilometers per hour west, how far can it travel in 0.5 hours?
3)An airplane travels 4,425 kilometers west in 5 hours. What is its average velocity?



you need to divide distance over time and finally you can get your answer

Step-by-step explanation:

what is the perimeter and area for 6m and 4m rectangle floor



perimeter = 20 area = 24

Step-by-step explanation:

add all the sides to find the perimeter and multiply two sides to find the area


perimeter: 20

area: 24

Step-by-step explanation:

To do perimeter add all the sides together. so 6+4=10 then times 2 because there are 4 sides to a rectangle. not just 6 and 4(2 sides.)

Area: Multply them together. 6*4=24

Solve 2x^3-23= Y When X=1 (2024)
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