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5420. Matthew Mc NDE 6/25/2024. NDE 9975. As I lay there, a cylinder of light appeared above me and to my right. I felt this loving presence coming from the light and heard a voice that said, 'Matt, you have lived a hard life and there would be no shame in giving up now. But if you fight through, I have a plan.' I remember being able to think about my decision and the thing I thought about was wanting to spend more time with my children.
NDE due to loss of consciousness from vasovagal dysfunction disorder.

5419. Tomas S. NDE-Like 6/25/2024. NDE-like;STE 9974. Exceptional Experience from Lithuania I moved forward in the tunnel, losing my ego, and merging with others. I was ok with that, because it was like coming back to my true home. I got so much information and I got answers and views as well as feelings of all people involved. All I had to do was think about it and I would get a telepathic answer. I understood that it is impossible to remember everything. So I asked one question, 'What is the purpose of my life?'
Exceptional STE that is NDE-like with significant spiritual information.

5418. Lisa NU NDE 6/25/2024. NDE 9973. I could see my body below. But when I looked forward is when I saw the energy fields and almost transparent beings of family, friends and loved ones. They were just there, there was no environment around them. The energy feels seem to have a glow about them, and I knew who each person was.
NDE due to boat motor explosion with extensive burns.

5417. Dorin T ADC 6/25/2024. ADC 9972. Exceptional Experience. I saw a sea of lights. The source of the lights came from far off to my left. I wanted to see the source of the light, but it was apparent to me somehow that I would not be able to do that. I focused on the individual lights themselves and somehow knew they were all people. I could not make out features of all of their faces but recognized them as being like me. They were beautiful, individual beings with a connected, common peace.
Exceptional ADC dream with co-worker who died hours before his dream, though he did not know this at the time of the ADC.

5416. Shawn R Probable NDE 6/25/2024. Probable NDE 9971. I was aware of everything and could see in 360 degrees but I also had other senses that I can't explain.
Probable NDE due to meningitis, encephalitis, and other severe illnesses.

5415. Blaire W NDE 6/25/2024. NDE 9970. From the United Kingdom The next thing I know I’m in some sort of tunnel, watching all my past from being a baby to having my son at age 19. I carried on walking down the tunnel until I saw a bright light. I walked into the light. I saw my Nana, who died when I was 15. I also saw someone who I think was my unborn baby sister. I walked towards them and hugged both of them.
NDE due to respiratory distress at the time of diagnosis of lung cancer.

5414. John S NDE 6/25/2024. NDE 9969. From Ireland Throughout this experience, I had a feeling of tremendous peace and harmony. It was the most warm, loving, and pleasant feeling imaginable. Then I saw a small rectangular porthole above me. It was dimly lit, but I sensed two or three beings looking over me
NDE due to unconsciousness from blood loss. Shared with NDERF about 3 weeks after NDE occurred.

5413. Deborah K Probable NDE 6/24/2024. NDE 9968. Everything was still dark and the light got closer and closer. It was a curved tunnel and when it got completely in front of me, as if I was being engulfed in it, a voice said: No, it's not your time, it's just not your time yet.
Probable NDE at time of illness with fever.

5412. Leea W NDE 6/19/2024. NDE 9965. Exceptional experience. I found myself instantly in this incredible sea of living light. It's so hard to describe accurately as I was a part of this sea. It was in me and through me. This space of light was alive and nurturing. With me was a divine presence that I immediately associated with Jesus. I can only relate this experience as being in the universal womb of love. It is a love that is nothing like what we humans call love here on earth. I basked in this nurturing environment and received information via intuitive knowingness.
NDE with profound insights from unconsciousness due to post-surgical hyponatremia.

5411. David H NDE 6/19/2024. NDE 9964. A door at the start of the hallway opened and a man walked out to greet me. He asked me how I was doing. I pointed over to the table where they were operating and told him it looked like I was not doing too good. The man gave a pat on my back and said, 'Not to worry, everything would work out okay.' I told him I thought my dad and grandpa must be mad at me because they were ignoring me. He told me that they were not allowed to interact with me.
NDE during open heart surgery. Met brother who died in infancy that he never knew he had.

5410. Anthony V NDE 6/19/2024. NDE 9963. I remember seeing myself from above my body. I watched a bunch of people kneeling around me who were trying to stop the bleeding. I didn't know what happened. I remember thinking, 'Am I dead? Did I just get killed? What happened?' The weird thing is that I saw everything in black and white. There was no pain. I was just confused about being killed and what had happened. I was worried about my wife and kid.
NDE due to being struck in head by fragments from bullet.

5409. Joseph Y NDE 6/19/2024. NDE 9962. The next memory I have is being roughly 20 feet above my friend and my body. I suspect the weather was nice as I recall bright white behind and around the edges of my view. I was observing my body and my friend making our way back to his house. My body was crying uncontrollably. From my view above, I felt no discomfort.
NDE at age 7 due to bicycle accident with head injury.

5408. Kelsey F Drug Experience 6/19/2024. Drug Experience 9960. From Australia It was like I was in the 'in-between' that was distinctly above where we are now on earth. A void is a very good name for it. I also remember a sensation of still being present in the emergency room. I could see and hear people, although I distinctly remember also not being there. It was as if I was in 2 different places at the same time.
Drug (Ketamine) experience. Notably different experience content than typical NDEs.

5407. Bradley M FDE 6/19/2024. FDE 9959. In what seemed like minutes, we slid away from the runway and into a stand of loblolly pine trees. The trees actually saved our lives. The rolling to the left was eventually going to take us into the ground, rotors first. The trees actually kept us level as we sliced into them, eventually coming to rest on top of a couple of trees we just knocked down. I looked back at myself and saw myself unbuckled my seat belt, ejected the crew entrance door, and grab a fire extinguisher. From the moment I left my body, everything had gone silent.
FDE immediately prior to helicopter crash.

5406. Fabian G NDE 6/16/2024. NDE 9956. Most of all, looking at the tunnel of light, I felt in complete harmony. I was welcome and at peace. It was an enveloping sensation of warmth and kindness. Thus, the message I received is an amalgam of precepts and impressions that, nonetheless, are compatible and coherent. I was told life is an opportunity we are given to learn and to be kind to each other.
NDE at age 4-5 due to prolonged lack of consciousness following concussion.

5405. Claudio D NDE 6/16/2024. NDE 9954. From Italy. Original in Italian. I saw a very white light, but it wasn't not dazzling. I felt like I was in a state of grace. I heard the voices of people that I also recognized, but I didn't respond because I was so relaxed. I wanted to stay in that state of peace and well-being. I saw a beautiful, white light getting closer and closer to me.
NDE due to car accident.

5404. Wilma NDE 6/12/2024. NDE 9952. From Canada I was in the baseball stadium. I was hovering between the receiver and the referee near the marble. I was trying to make a choice between which one of them I would be in my next lifetime.
Brief NDE with atypical content due to passing out.

5403. Sabine S NDE 6/10/2024. NDE 9950. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. At that moment an eerie calm overcame myself, I left my body and had the feeling that I'm everywhere and that I know everything you ever could know. The calm was indescribably beautiful and I felt very secure. I saw wonderful colors, I still remember the turquoise.
NDE at age 4 due to drowning. Shared 56 years later.

5402. Kenneth M FDE 6/8/2024. FDE 9949. Then I became calm and accepting that I was going to die. My entire life flashed before me, like a really quick film. I saw all the good things and bad things that I had done. And then it happened. I died.
Fear-death experience immediately prior cardiac arrest due to heart attack.

5401. Jeff G FDE 6/6/2024. FDE 9947. God went over that barricade with Jeff on that bike. He goes with Jeff everywhere. Anyone who knows Jeff knows he has made it out of some serious situations in the past. God landed that bike upright with Jeff hitting it from above and then falling over.
Fear-death experience from bicycle accident. Account shared from the perspective of the experiencer and his wife.

5400. Michael M NDE 6/2/2024. NDE 9946. Exceptional experience. I was hit with a burst of information and understandings. It felt like I just finished downloading the most amazing universal truths and my purpose. This is my home! I was home and felt relieved. I felt another presence approaching behind me. She was familiar to me, and we began to communicate through emotions (some kind of telepathy).
Exceptional NDE due to passing out, and falling with head injury

5399. Faith I Possible NDE 6/2/2024. Possible NDE 9945. Things I could see in the emergency room happened so quickly. It was like I was playing a movie sped up with moments cut out; like one of those flip books with pages removed. When feeling like the darkness and sinking, things seemed very slow to a point I felt like I wasn’t comprehending anything going on
Possible NDE due to overdose.

5398. Robert E NDE 5/30/2024. NDE 9944. Two beings appeared; one on my left and one on my right. We began going through a tunnel, side by side. I felt a constantly increasing speed that at times was like being completely ripped apart. Suddenly, I found myself standing on a grassy hill. To the left, I saw a pulsating orb with golden, white light emanating from it. To the front and right of me, I saw a mountainous valley filled with millions of people.
NDE due to car crash.

5397. Damon H NDE 5/27/2024. NDE 9943. From the United Kingdom Instantly, I was there. There was no transition, no tunnels, or lights. I was just there in an instant. I found myself in a desert of pure blue sky, and fluffy, white clouds all around me. I found myself drifting forward, being wrapped in such a feeling of love that I have never felt before. There was also a golden light around me; a lot like sunshine. As I was drifting forward, I could see a semi-circle of people coming closer to me. They did not have any features. I saw just white silhouettes in long, white robes. As I was drifting towards them, I felt an overwhelming sense of purpose and pure love.
NDE at time of cardioversion procedure under general anesthesia.

5396. Peter P STE 5/26/2024. STE 9942. It felt like time stood still; like I was gone only 5 minutes. I started remembering what happened before I heard my father’s voice. I felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness and positivity. I felt so positive about everything. The one thing I’ll never forget was the bright light that illuminated everything was going through me and making me feel incredible. I remember thinking this is so cool! The light is even going through my toes. It felt like I was engulfed in the light and it was healing me. It felt so amazing, I really didn’t want to come back. I felt so at peace, warm, and positive. I had an incredible feeling of positivity that everything was going to be ok.
STE at time of hospitalization with multiple myeloma.

5395. Daniel G NDE 5/26/2024. NDE 9941. The best way to describe the sensation is that it was like the changing of a slide in a slide projector. First, I am looking through my eyes. Then, I am looking at myself on the ground from above. My body is pinned beneath the power pole, the wires are about me, and there is smoke in the air. I see myself so plainly from above, that I recognize myself. It is as if I was floating. I felt no pain, discomfort, or feelings of any sort. I was just floating.
NDE at age 4 due to being hit by truck. Shared 70 years later.

5394. Amy B NDE 5/26/2024. NDE 9939. Suddenly, I felt like I went from my car to another realm. There's was no tunnel. I could not see myself. It just felt like I went from earth to another realm. I was on my knees, crouching down scared. But, yet I felt peaceful in the same moment. I could see green grass and a stream to my right. On my left was a tall, bright, shiny silver wall or building. I could see the light shining very vividly against the silver.
NDE due to car crash.

5393. Jeff G Probable NDE 5/26/2024. Probable NDE or STE 9938. I was feeling serene. Then I heard a voice, deep down from somewhere and it said, 'Jeff I am not done with you yet.'
Probable NDE or STE at the time he was a firefighter and fell into a fire.

5392. Anastasia F NDE 5/26/2024. NDE 9936. Everything got dark and I immediately knew that my time on earth was over and that I was going to die. At first, this scared me. But a second afterwards, a really bright light came from an end of a tunnel. I felt really peaceful. The light was beautiful and it calmed me. Despite knowing that I was going to die, I was fine with that. It felt like I came home and that everything was okay.
NDE due to drug overdose at age 14.

5391.Joy MM NDE 5/23/2024. NDE and Probable NDE 9935. I immediately left my body and quickly rose up very high above the houses. I could see down Lewis Street all the way to my house. I could see the street light where we played hide and seek every night. I saw all the pigeon poop on top of the roof at my friend's house.
Daughter shares her mother’s probable NDE that was associated with surgery. Daughter had her own NDE at age 12 due to electrocution and probable NDE at age 6-7 associated with surgery.

5390. Darry H NDE 5/23/2024. NDE 9933. I was floating up and over the houses. I could feel the direction I was going in. When people were talking to me, it sounded like they were going farther away. When I responded, I could feel myself in my body and on the ground. As soon as I stopped talking, I was floating away again. This happened 3 or 4 times.
NDE due to being shot in head.

5389. Jeff C NDE 5/22/2024. NDE 9932. I felt very calm. It was dark but it was a soft, comfortable dark. I could 'feel' the presence of others and one being was, I believe, my father who had passed away in 2011 with me at his side. There was communication but not spoken or in words. It was more like assurances and everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be. Time seemed to stop or really slow down.
NDE during cardiac catheterization procedure.

5388. Grant M Probable NDE 5/20/2024. Probable NDE 9931. My mother told me that I communicated to her in words to the effect that 'I saw him last night. I couldn't see his face because the light was so bright around him but he was holding his arms out. I wanted to go to him so badly but Dad kept yelling my name so loudly that I decided to turn around and come back.'
Probable NDE due to fever at age 3. Shared 51 years later.

5387. Ricardo C Probable NDE 5/15/2024. Probable NDE 9929. As I was lying there, I saw a dark outline of a doorway. The opening soon began to shine with a bright, unearthly white light. Out of the doorway came three heads that glowed even brighter than the light in the doorway. The head in the middle was higher than the two on either side. The heads had a human shape to them but there were no visible facial features. The heads floated towards me and hoovered over my body as I lay in the bed.
Probable NDE at time of illness due to Covid pneumonia and ketoacidosis. Apparent remarkable healing.

5386. Mohammad R NDE 5/14/2024. NDE 9924. From Iran. Original in Farsi, translated to English. Then I entered a very relaxing space with colors similar to green and orange. I realized the presence of my deceased friend, from 20 years ago, who was by my side. I was on a winding, mountain road that I went up a bit. As we walked, I was told that I should go back for the sake of my children since I am raising my children alone
NDE due to apparent episode of loss of consciousness.

5385. Ava W NDE 5/13/2024. NDE 9927. I felt my soul being pulled out of my human form, specifically from the heart. Then, I felt my soul exit my body. My soul was pure white and I also felt at peace. I felt like I was just a soul and not on earth or in any other form anymore. I thought to myself. 'I’m finally free.' If I was in a human form, I would have been smiling. Then, I heard my grandpa's voice. He had passed when I was around 12 years old. He told me that I am not going to die and that he loves me.
NDE at age 15 due to suicide attempt.

5384. Jackie S STEs 5/11/2024. STEs 9922. I felt a presence come into my room. This presence personified complete compassion and love. I heard the presence say, 'Find peace, my child. You've suffered enough.' Then, it felt like a giant arm came down from heaven and scooped up my soul.
Three STEs described. First one at age 16 and shared 57 years later.

5383. Carolyn Probable NDE 5/5/2024. Probable NDE 9921. I was feeling org*smic as I instantly became bright, orange light. I could see 360 degrees around me. Everything appeared as geometric shapes; even death was a blue figure 8. There was no tunnel or family there. It was silent, but peaceful. I was in space and instantly felt like I was plugged into the matrix. I knew what I needed to know. I was in a spiral galaxy and was ready for the next choice, which was to become one with creation.
Probable NDE due to being crushed between 2 trucks.

5382. Jose ER STE 5/5/2024. STE 9919. Originally from Peru. I wasn’t an "I" anymore, but, rather, PART OF A GREATER WHOLE. I lost every limitation that I had felt before; there were no categories or barriers of any kind. Rather than being with God, I was part of this Amazingly Loving Being. The Well-being that I experienced is indescribable in words. I was feeling ecstatic going through this extraordinary experience
STE while at church service. Shared 53 years later.

5381. Violet T NDE 5/1/2024. NDE 9918. I could see trees and a landscape in the background. There was a lady floating a little higher up than me. I think she was dressed all in white but the light was too bright, I couldn't tell for sure. The light was one, big beam and a couple smaller beams coming out of the sky. I'm not sure if the lady was talking to me or not because I couldn't hear her. Everything was quiet in the beginning.
NDE due to drowning at age 6-7.

5380. Sharon Q NDE 4/30/2024. NDE 9915. Exceptional experience. I had to deal with my alcohol addiction. My personal self was having too many sessions of drinking until I went unconscious. I didn’t have the control I believed myself to have. I had to stop drinking or going numb by other means. This was non-negotiable and I knew why. I wholeheartedly agreed, too. I was offered a choice to return immediately to my current life and reenter my body, joining the scene below; or I could be born as an infant into another family as soon as possible to have my lifetime start over.
Exceptional NDE from crushing injury.

5379. Catherine NDE 4/30/2024. NDE 9916. From the United Kingdom I saw the operating theater as I was floating up. Then, I continued rising in total darkness. I was in a 'bubble' and scared as I thought that I may be in this nothingness forever. Shortly afterwards, I became aware of other people who had passed away and were also rising in the same way that I was doing. All of these people were at different stages, depending on what time they had died.
NDE during surgery after being struck by car at age 16.

4721. Timothy P NDE 11/13/2019 & 4/21/2024. NDE 8915/9913. While we were talking under this massive tree, I noticed a small pond of clouds in the daisies. It was about 40 feet in diameter and there was 6 spirits standing in the pond of clouds and looking down. Every once in a while, one spirit would bend over and pick up another spirit. It would cradle and embrace it in it's arms then look up and fly very fast into the clouds above. Then another spirit from above would fly down into the pond and takes the other spirit's place. This went on for some time. I then asked the angel what they were doing over there.
NDE due to brain tumor that bled.

5188. Kyah NDE 8/2/2023 & 5/1/2023. NDE 9626/9626. I had a telepathic conversation with God. It was dark and I couldn’t see him. It was pitch black and I was not in any body. I asked to leave earth. He said that I was only halfway through. I replied that if the second half is like the first half of my life, that I’m out. He told me that I purposely chose as many hardships as possible in order to deeply connect with so many people and lift them up. I didn’t remember choosing; but then I remembered thinking that when I was little.
NDE due to suicide attempt and cardiac arrest.

5378. Brad NDE 4/21/2024. NDE 9912. Exceptional experience. The architecture was very Greek in design, with columns and white marble. Here, I met with a love interest; a romantic, twin-flame sort of relationship. We spoke to each other at length, and I recall discussing with her that we'd be 'gone' for a while, meaning gone from each other. I was going to be heading back to my body and she would not be reincarnating back into waking life for quite some time.
Exceptional NDE at age 8 due to being overcome by toxic gasses.

5377. Birdie A NDE 4/18/2024. NDE 9908. Then I saw the screwdriver coming down for my head. I saw this from my body on the ground perspective, in a very slow-motion way. I then saw a brief slideshow of my life. Even in the moment, I wished I could go back and see it again. I knew they were scenes from my life but they went so fast, I didn't totally catch them. I felt the slideshow was unnervingly short. Then I was above my body again and yelling at myself, 'MOVE!MOVE!MOVE!'
NDE due to criminal attack with head injury.

5376. Wendy Z SDE 4/17/2024. SDE 9907. Exceptional experience. We are still in the tunnel and I realize I can no longer join them. I can't cross this point. I don't see a door, but I feel the tunnel ahead of us 'open' my grandfather goes first, his guide goes next and I feel the tunnel 'close'. I'm suddenly very aware of how lonely and cold I am. I hadn't noticed the warm, comfortable light coming from his guide until it was gone.
Exceptional shared death experience dream with grandfather at the time he died.

5375. Carolyn R Probable NDE 4/17/2024. Probable NDE 9906. I did not know if I could go on with my earthly life. But then, I heard the voice tell me it wouldn't be as hard as it had been. I thought, 'OK I made it this far. If it isn't as hard, I can continue. I never felt love or saw loved ones. I only felt a place of respect and acceptance. I am absolutely certain that if I felt the love that people describe in their NDEs, I would not have come back. I would not have chosen to continue this life.
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt with medications.

4476. Mark W NDE 4/17/2024 & 2/3/2018. NDE 9903/8503. Exceptional experience from the United Kingdom. I felt like it was deathless: that it had never been born and could never die, and it was the essence of meaning. I felt as though I was experiencing the heart of the true self. The experience was astonishing - a concentration of boundless love, wonderful intelligence and profound purpose.
NDE due to asthma attack.

5374. Bartosz K NDE 4/16/2024. NDE 9898. Originally from Poland. In Polish, translated to English by Margaret. I found myself in a tunnel. I was involuntarily moving in the direction of a blue light. When I arrived at the end of the tunnel, I found myself in a cave on a mountain. I had a view to a valley below. In the valley, I saw a city containing buildings of various sizes. Each building had the lower part in the form of a square, and was topped with a dome that was covered with high antennas in the form of a cone.
NDE due to electrocution at age 3.

5373. Doug K NDE 4/14/2024. NDE 9901. On my left side, I could reach my left arm out and touch a wall, with an image of wildflowers. To my right was the wildflowers as far as I could see with mountains in the distance. But this time, there was a tremendous number of people gathering, socializing, and being together. Nobody approached me and I believe I was only there for a matter of seconds. I thought to myself that this is a cool place, but I’m not ready to be here yet.
NDE due to pneumococcal meningitis and placed into a medicated coma for five weeks.

5372. Candace J NDE 4/14/2024. NDE 9897. As I was moving nearer to the end of the tunnel, I suddenly saw to the right a little boy motioning me to come to him. This little boy, I believed to be the child I had lost during a pregnancy many years before. I eagerly walked faster, attempting to get closer to him. I could see at the end of the tunnel with beautiful wildflowers swaying to the sound of the music.
NDE due to apparent respiratory arrest from narcotic administration after surgery.

5371. Georg K Possible NDE 4/14/2024. Possible NDE;Anesthesia 9895. From Germany I 'woke up' hovering like a balloon, in the upper left corner of the surgery room. The current of the air-conditioner drew me towards the air outlet in that corner. I felt slightly pressed against the ceiling which prevented me from rising further. I saw the surgery-team around my body doing their work. There was no feeling of being connected with my body, which was as strange to me as any person of the surgery-team. I had never met any of them.
Anesthesia experience. SOBE during surgery with no life-threatening event described.

5370. David K NDEs 4/14/2024. NDEs 9894. I found myself up near the ceiling of the surgery suite but I could also see the other rooms. I could see my wife in the waiting room sitting up and putting down her magazine and looking startled and looking at the surgery suite where I was at. The receptionist was also looking concerned and facing the surgery suite. I found out later they both could hear the doctor/assistant slapping and screaming at me
NDE due to complication during wisdom teeth extraction. Several other NDEs later due to cardiac arrythmia.

5369. Donna C NDE 4/14/2024. NDE 9893. I said that my body was sick. They replied that we will heal it. I said, 'It's tough down there.' They said,'You are almost old enough to be on your own. Do you want to go through childhood again? For you have karma.' I immediately saw a life review in a split second and didn't want that life again. I asked, 'Will you be there to help me if I need you down there?' They told me, 'Yes, but to not over-ask.'
NDE at age 15 due to viral and bacterial illness. Shared 53 years later.

5368. Justine L NDE 4/14/2024. NDE 9890. From New Zealand I left my body, thinking of how my girls would have to live without me. I went from being in the room above myself and then just going into light. I felt the most profound, loving, and peaceful feeling. I remember feeling spread out or a part of everything. I also knew everything.
NDE due to criminal attack with head injury.

5367. Nikita P NDE 4/14/2024. NDE 9899. From Russia There were objects inside the sphere. Or rather, there were moments from the current reality. They looked like spots, inside which there were images of the surroundings around me. These included lantern garlands, spruce, a man with a festival merch hood, whose face I could not see. There was also a road with puddles, and several other objects that I didn't have time to examine. I could see these images and instantly approached. It was as if I saw flashes of moments from reality.
NDE due to fall with loss of consciousness.

5366. Flora K STE 4/14/2024. STE 9882. There was a warm, comforting yellow glow and a beautiful woman by my bed. She did not speak, but smiled at me. She had blond hair and incredible blue eyes; her gown was long, flowing and sparkled as she moved. It was made of a beautiful, semi-transparent blue material that I had never seen before or since. I looked into her eyes and felt the most incredible feeling of love. It was if her love was wrapped around me. She held a small, metal tray. I heard her say telepathically, 'Take this and you will feel better.'
STE at age 6 while sick with scarlet fever. Encountered being that may have helped heal her. Shared 69 years later.

5365. Alexander H NDE 4/14/2024. NDE 9881. While experiencing the worst episode of pain, my reality changed. I became calm and my environment was clean. A door opened in front of me. My wife, who passed in 2007, was on the other side of the door. She looked just as I last saw her when she was alive. She told me that she loved me and that it was not my time. She then closed the door.
NDE due to heart attacks.

5364. Kenneth M Probable NDE 4/6/2024. Probable NDE 9880. The galaxy looked like it was 1,000,000 miles away from me, but I could still see it very clearly. As soon as I thought to myself that I would like to see it closer, it was as if I was catapulted to it. I was floating over it and looking down on the galaxy. At this point, the galaxy seems to be much smaller than I was. I willed myself to float over the bright center of the galaxy; it was like looking down through a glass window.
Probable NDE while in ICU in induced coma for pneumonia.

5363. Kody Possible NDE 4/6/2024. Possible NDE;Anesthesia Experience 9879. It was like a nice, spring breeze; but it also somewhat cool. It was the perfect temperature for me. I looked up at the sky; it had this deep blue, cloudy overcast look to it. I started to run through the field as I felt like I was a giddy kid again full of vitality and youth. I then felt this overwhelming emotion of love wash over me. It was so intense that I fell to my knees. I felt bliss and peace like I had never experienced in all my life. I felt like this place was the great spirit and I was being held by a parent.
Possible NDE vs anesthesia experience at time of surgery.

5362. Margie C Probable NDE 4/5/2024. NDE 9878. Then, as if I was watching a movie on widescreen, scenes from when I was a young child started flashing by like a screen projector. The blackness was framing these scenes. Although, the only scene I really remember was from the home I grew up in. We hadn't lived there for 13 years. It was as if I was on the sidewalk and looking at the house. My grandmom was sitting on the porch.
Probable NDE due to apparent unconsciousness associated with falling after drinking beer and smoking pot.

5361. Sandra DP NDE 4/5/2024. NDE 9877. To my right was a being or entity of extremely bright light. It was much larger than I. (Today I would call the being Jesus Christ.) At the time, the being was kind and loving, seemed to know me. I was very happy. The being directed attention down upon my face. I do not remember any vocal speaking, but was made to understand that I could not stay in that place.
NDE at age 6 due to drowning. Shared 64 years later.

5360. Laura S NDE 4/4/2024. NDE 9874. They were mauve orbs of mist. They took me before a table of other beings. These beings were bigger, with the biggest one in the middle. He, it doesn't feel right to call it 'he' but in my mind that's what it was. He was imposing but I was not scared because there was no such thing as fear there. The big one in the middle talked to me. Actually, he didn't speak, but I could hear him.
NDE due to cardiac arrest from cardiac arrhythmia.

5359. Rose G Probable NDE 3/31/2024. Second-Person Probable NDE 9872. She went back to the elevator and saw her mother cooking and smiling in the kitchen. My mom told me she could smell the food. Suddenly there was immense peace and love. She repeated this to me several times. There were a group of men dressed like monks who told her she had to go back to the elevator and return to her body. She did not want to leave the Peace and Love she felt. Someone told her it was not her time because she had more work to do.
Apparent part of what is shared is daughter sharing her mother’s probable NDE at age 88 due to ruptured spleen with blood loss, and part shared by the mother personally.

5358. Andy C NDE 3/31/2024. NDE 9871. Non-Western NDE from Thailand. I was in the void. I thought, 'OK, I'm moving my eyes left and right now. Why can't I move?' I suppose it was like being trapped in a vise. It was pure darkness with a very slight, tinge of grey. I still can't see anything and I'm still trying to move. In the distance, there is a little, white speck or spot. It is coming towards me at great speed and getting bigger and bigger. It wasn't pure, brilliant white but it was still white. As the light got nearer me, I hear, 'Doom, doom, doom' getting progressively louder and louder.
NDE due to apparent cardiac arrest.

5357. Samantha S NDE 3/31/2024. NDE 9869. All of a sudden, on what seemed a wall in the darkness, pictures began to fill in like from a reel of film. The entire area I was looking at, was filled with pictures of me and events in my life. There were hundreds of pictures. What mystified me was that as I looked at them separately or even looking at the entire group, I could feel the emotion attached to every single one of them ALL A ONCE.
NDE due to post-delivery hemorrhage. Shared 56 years after experience.

5356. James R NDE 3/31/2024. NDE 9868. From the United Kingdom Then I came out of the tunnel towards the light. This opened up into the hospital room. I was conscious of what happened, but was confused. It so happened that the male nurse and female assistant where both black of African descent. I have lived in Thailand and Cambodia and I know that a soon as I was conscious my mind told me, that I had come out in the wrong place. My body was in the United Kingdom and I needed to go back to the tunnel. Immediately, the blackness came over my vision.
NDE due to medical procedure injection. Came back to a parallel reality.

5355. Bevery L NDE 3/28/2024. NDE 9865. There were the most delightful squeals of laughter and pure joy! The peace surrounding the event was incredible; I have never experienced anything like it. I couldn't see the children, but I could plainly hear them. Not long after hearing the laughter, they were talking to me, 'Come play! Come play!' There was sheer joy in the children encouraging me to come play with them.
NDE due to head injury. Remarkable that in her experience she heard children playing although she was 52 years old at the time of the experience.

5354. Vicki G NDE 3/24/2024. NDE 9862. I was in a viewing area above the operating table. I was watching the doctors work on me to bring me back.
NDE during surgery due to hemorrhage after a hysterectomy.

5353. Zoila V NDE 3/24/2024. NDE 9861. That’s when I took notice of two very tall stacks of radiant light. Suddenly, I was in front of the lights as they spoke to me. While I didn’t see a body, there were some features that I could make out through the light. I understood them telepathically. I asked if I was going to see God. The lights were friendly and kind. They told me that I was not going to see God, but asked me if I felt God. I said that I did!
NDE due to bicycle accident at age 10.

5352. Chris F NDE 3/24/2024. NDE 9859. It felt as if I was looking up from a dark space through a tube. There was a very bright white light and human figures towards the end of the tube. I could see beings start to appear in the light. I did not specifically recognize any of them, but I knew them. They were very friendly and I was excited to see them.
NDE due to drowning.

5351. Ciara B NDE 3/22/2024. NDE 9858. Exceptional experience. I had the thought, 'If I’m there, then how am I here? Where is here?' Then all my memories of this life and OTHER LIVES came flooding back. And I knew those other lives were mine, just as much as I knew my current life was mine. I saw flashes of so many lives and moments I had hurt other people or loved other people. There was no judgement in any of this. It was merely me observing me, without feelings. I felt another presence with me at some point after this. I say 'after this' but events were not linear or sequential. Everything was happening all at once. Though, I can only explain it as separate events because that’s the only way I can make sense of it for myself. This presence telepathically told me that, 'it’s time to go back,' and 'This was just a glimpse.'
Exceptional NDE due to medication injection for cardiac arrhythmia. Remarkable detailed NDE though she was unconscious apparently for just seconds.

5350. Marcy B NDE 3/24/2024. NDE2 9860. From South Africa. I was floating above my body and could see myself lying on the road. There were people around me. I could clearly see the accident scene. Then I realized that I was out of my body. I did not feel any pain. I was feeling calm until I realized what was happening. When I became aware that it was my body below, I felt a slight panic. I thought that I better get back into my body!
NDE due to car hitting her while she was on a bike at age 16.

5349. Marcy B NDE 3/22/2024. NDE 9857. From South Africa. This light was a warm sort of white but it was also a golden light. It was positioned in the distance, above me and at an angle towards the right. I felt an impulse of wanting to go towards it. But then I telepathically heard a voice. I didn’t feel scared. I think it was a comfort that I wasn’t alone. The voice told me that it wasn’t my time to go yet; that I was just a child and had my whole life ahead of me. I was told that I had to return to consciousness in real life.
NDE at age 13 due to car accident.

5348. Austin W NDE 3/22/2024. NDE 9856. At the crux of it all, I could see the entire multiverse; universes of raw potentiality stacked on one another from the outside. I saw the whole of spacetime from the outside. I could see the universe and every subsequent variant as a singular hypersphere, a shape beyond human comprehension, and existence was one conceptual thing.
NDE with remarkable insights due to heroin overdose.

5347. John B NDE 3/19/2024. NDE 9853. I looked and was going towards the West. I do not know why, other than what was ahead of me. I had no fear. It was a place I was going to, but I knew if I reached that place that I was not coming back. It was light. It was something that cannot be described by human language. It wasn't a city. But it was like a gulf of some sort that I was to pass through. It seemed like some type of portal. I don't know where it went. I just knew that's where I was going.
NDE due to cardiac arrest from alcohol and drug overdose.

5346. Valerie S NDE 3/18/2024. NDE 9852. From Canada I do remember them asking if I needed anything. I told them my mother had breast cancer and I wanted to help her. One of the beings was thrilled to help and I felt a message of 'wait here.' Now the memories are clear. I tracked the being moving and they moved toward and into the brightest most beautiful light I have ever seen. If GOD is something, that was it; pure, pure, pure, pure unconditional love. It is beyond anything I could ever describe or put into words or feel here on 'Earth'. I could not look directly at the light and I wasn't able to go into the light, but they could and did.
NDE due to mountain bike riding accident.

5345. Robin A NDE 3/18/2024. NDE 9854. I remember being surrounded by people with so much love. I don't know if they were relatives or not and I didn't feel it mattered. I couldn't see any distinct details but I could feel the biology of them being men and women, older in age. As they were hugging me, I felt this intense suction that was pulling me at the speed of light through a tunnel and back to this world. I will never forget the feeling that flooded me with the most intense anger and rage I've ever felt.
NDE due to blood loss from ectopic pregnancy.

5344. Jose VS NDE 3/17/2024. NDE 9851. From Canada A black-hooded Being with no face was asking me to go with him. I said, 'No' as I ran all the way up the road, only to find myself beside a well, made of rocks and stones. I saw the same Being again. He asked me again, to go with him. I said, 'I will not.'
NDE due to electrocution. Atypical content.

5343. Robert RB NDE 3/14/2024. NDE 9848. Exceptional experience. I felt the presence of someone standing next to me, off to the side. I asked who he was. He replied he was an ancestor. I asked if he was my grandfather. He said, 'No, far older.' For some reason I asked if he was Atlantean. He replied, 'Far older.' He explained that he was part of the first colonists. I asked, 'Colonists of what?' He told me Earth.
Exceptional NDE due to unconsciousness resulting from ketoacidosis. The description of the black hole and the discussion with her ancestor are both remarkable insights into the nature of the a universe.

5342. Jono H Probable NDE 3/12/2024. Probable NDE 9846. The only thing I remember directly after impact is seeing an 'unearthly, white light' surrounding my entire vision. I was feeling intensely at peace. I was never worried, anxious, scared, traumatized, or anything like that. I never saw any unearthly figures or talked to anyone during this time. It was just a white and extremely peaceful place.
Probable NDE due to car accident at age 12.

5341. Mark S NDE 3/11/2024. NDE 9843. I remember looking up to find something to focus on while the room was moving. Next I'm in this tunnel and saw myself laying back in the chair I was sitting in. I felt at peace. Almost a floating in water sensation.
Brief NDE at time of apparent unconsciousness.

5340. Jen W NDEs 3/9/2024. NDEs 9841. Exceptional experience. 'What purpose?' I asked them. This is hard to explain, but growing and shrinking shapes also help explain their words. Their explanation was that everyone is here for a purpose, each purpose having an intention to a bigger purpose. This is like a rock thrown into a pond, each ripple then becomes a wave that pushes little pebbles up onto the shore, to where a bird might find it, using it to aid their digestion, while they fly over a barren land, dropping small seeds along with that pebble in a field, growing flowers for the bees later in the summer.
Three exceptional NDEs at ages 7-8, later in childhood, and age 18 due to car accident, illness with high fever, and during emergency caesarian section respectively. Includes apparent shared NDE at time her baby died during the emergency caesarian section.

5339. Gaby DC NDEs 3/8/2024. NDEs 9840. Exceptional experiences from Canada. Passing through the tunnel felt normal. So I started enjoying the sensation of weightlessness and absorbed the knowledge. The experience was like the universe was feeding me the information I needed to live my current life. When I saw the sand, I knew I was no longer in Ontario. In an instant, the feeling was loving and warm; I knew where I was: home.
NDE at age 3 ½ due to injury from fall down stairs, and age 32 due to episode of tachycardia immediately prior to planned arrhythmic defibrillation.

5338. Dean J Possible NDE 3/8/2024. Drug Experience vs NDE 9839. I was walking down a path and clouds covered the sky. I came to a large, brick building which looked eerie. There was a large, iron fence in front of it with a large iron archway. A dirt road led up the the archway. The scene had a Halloween feel with leaves on the ground and a feeling of autumn. Suddenly, I was tumbling violently as if I was in a dryer with no heat.
Drug experience vs NDE from drug overdose.

5337. Linda M NDE 3/6/2024. NDE 9838. I got dizzy because of the heat and got tunnel vision. The last thing I remember was joking with my brother and pretend fighting and then I woke up on the ground. In between that (don't remember passing out), I found myself sitting on a porch swing with a little boy about my age.
NDE at age 6 due to passing out from heat stroke and hitting head.

5336. Kali K NDE 3/5/2024. NDE and Premonition 9837. Exceptional experience. The most impactful part of this experience was reliving my most traumatic moments in which I was emotionally hurt by another. During those events, I not only felt every emotion that I had experience in that moment, but every emotion that the person inflicting pain upon me was experiencing. Not only this, but I also felt every emotion that the other person had ever experienced in their life up until that moment. This was incredibly enlightening for me, and provided me a grand sense of empathy and forgiveness for the most egregious harm I've felt.
NDE due to heart attack. Six months previously had premonition dream.

5335. Tamara H NDE 3/5/2024. 9836. I felt myself leave my body. I could see everyone in the room from above them. I could see on the other side of the drape where they were trying to start the surgery.
NDE during emergency caesarian section delivery.

5334. Seth R Possible NDE 3/4/2024. ICU Delerium vs NDE 9835. I saw a tall, powerful, 7-foot tall figure walk through the double doors and into my ICU room. He was holding what looked like a syringe of lava in his hand. I started to shout, 'Who are you and what is that?' I got no response as the figure pushed the liquid into my IV line. I felt fire in my veins and woke up screaming.
ICU delirium vs NDE after surgery at age 15.

5333. Miranda D Probable NDE 3/4/2024. Probable NDE 9834. My eyes were open and all my confusion of things I have gone through, he help me through them as he showed me my heart and healed it. I was raped at the age of 15 years old. God wanted me to share the love of him, which I did when I passed the rose. When Jesus was done putting my heart back together, giving me the knowledge and understanding of my broken pieces, making me whole again, he showed me me it wasn’t my time. I thought to myself, 'Wow, I’m really beautiful.' Jesus smiled and I went back into my body.
Probable NDE associated with surgery for ovarian cyst.

5332. Thomas B NDE 2/27/2024. NDE 9832. Exceptional NDE I saw a great Being at least twice the size of the others. This being was best described as a great white flame with a face and what appeared to be a human-like body of flame. This next part is hard to describe. I was looking at the Being far away and approaching. Briefly, I was face-to-face with this being, then back in the place I was held. Then I felt and heard a great voice inside me say, 'COME.' I was shot through the 'veil' I was being held in and into the place with the others. I shot through space and landed at the 'Great' Being's feet. This larger and much more powerful Being said to me one time, 'You are loved, you are accepted.'
Exceptional NDE at age 9 due to head injury.

5331. James L NDE 2/27/2024. NDE 9830. While I know my body stopped struggling, my mind was totally aware of everything. For some strange reason, I wondered how long it would take for them to find my body. I remember thinking that if I was unconscious, I would not be able to think. But, I could think just fine and was was extremely aware of everything. I felt total peace, calm, and total acceptance. I was no longer attempting to get out of the water and was 'matter of fact' that I had now drowned. I remember thinking that although I was only 9 years old and that 'kinda sucks,' but otherwise no big deal.
NDE at age 9 due to drowning. Shared 50 years later.

5330. Rose K STE 2/27/2024. STE 9829. I know I was awake. There was clarity. This was not a dream. I think I was in my body but more in my head because I didn't my body. Then I said, 'I died.' This was more of a statement than a question. The response was 'Yes.' I then said something like, 'So I'm dead and I am still my personality. I am still me. I have my personality?' Again, I heard confirmation. At that point, I was OVERWHELMED with a full wash-over of love that I cannot describe. There is no word available that can convey it.
STE at night that was NDE-like.

5329. August U NDE 2/27/2024. NDE 9828. From the Netherlands, living in Mexico. I expressed my desire to leave my body and to go 'home' toward the light. Once again, the Being responded: 'You have absolutely nothing to fear, and everything will be alright.' As I thought about moving toward the flickering campfire light in the distance, a colossal hand emerged through the tunnel. It was like a massive train hurtling toward me. The hand was as large as my upper body. With tremendous force, it pushed me out of the tunnel and back to the hospital ceiling.
NDE due to apparent unconsciousness following complications after abdominal surgery.

5328. Jacob J Probable NDE 2/21/2024. Probable NDE 9827. Time was irrelevant, all my thoughts and memories were gone. My concept of language, or understanding of anything was gone. The only thing that I could tangibly sense, one way or another, was an acute sense of peace. I wasn't thinking about my family mourning me back on Earth, or my regrets and missed opportunities. It was the most nothing-nothingness that can experience.
Probable NDE from accidental overdose of fentanyl.

5327. Devin D Probable NDE 2/21/2024. Probable NDE 9826. I remember seeing a bright light and talking to God. I was asking him if I will be ok and he said, 'Yes.' I also asked him if he could help the sick girl I saw and he said, 'Yes.'
Probable NDE at age 4 during surgery on spine.

5326. Dean W Life-threatening Event 2/19/2024. Life-Threatening Event 9824. The rope suddenly appears right in front of me floating on the water. I grab six different parts of the rope and hang on. Once I tell them I got it, they try to talk me through the process. I have to admit I was not very coherent at that time. My biggest fear was drowning as they dragged me out by the rope. I had no idea how far they were going to drag me.
Not an NDE, but a dramatic account of a life-threatening event and rescue.

5325. Hailey O NDE 2/18/2024. NDE 9825. I instinctively turn around and look over my right shoulder towards the wall. I saw a black tunnel with what seemed to be a flashback or video inside. The name that my stepdad was saying quickly turned to 'Adam.' As I was listening to him say Adam's name, I was watching what seemed to be a flashback of Adam's entire life. Adam had a wife and family.
NDE due to unconsciousness, likely caused by seizure. Atypical content.

5324. Crystal P NDE 2/17/2024. NDE;Probable NDE;Possible NDE 9823. When I opened my eyes, I was above my body. I saw grandpa trying to open my mouth to give me CPR. There were so many other people around me, but I did not know who they were. I did not see my mom in that crowd of people. But I do remember seeing my mom talking on the phone to my dad, while she was in the kitchen. She was standing next to the window with the long cord attached to the telephone receiver. I heard her say, 'I'll have to call you back!' I did see her and remembered the window she was standing at was to the right hand side, looking out the driveway. I was maybe about a few feet above everyone and watching everything happening. When mom heard someone say, 'Call 911' she ran out to me. She held my head for my grandpa to give me CPR because I was not breathing. Then I heard my grandpa softly and calmly call my name.
NDE due to fall at age 4, probable NDE due to drowning at age 3, and possible NDE due to heroin overdose at age 24.

5323. Jane M NDEs 2/16/2024. NDEs 9821. From Australia. I almost drowned as a 3 year old. Once I stopped struggling, I felt the same level of peace, serenity and acceptance as when my child was being born. During the drowning experience, my eyes opened. I watched the light playing through the water with a heightened clarity of vision.
Two NDEs. One at age 3 due to drowning, and the other at age 20 during delivery. Contributor is currently 76 years old.

5322. Bryan G NDE 2/15/2024. NDE 9820. As I was floated towards the sky, I felt much lighter. I felt a feeling of pleasure and bliss so awesome, I can't describe it. As I move upwards, towards the sky, I saw a giant orb of light. It looked like, and I still believe, it was the Sun. But it was up close, like I'd never seen before. I saw Mother Mary.
NDE at age 3 due to being hit by a truck.

5321. Kristen G NDE 2/13/2024. NDE 9819. The sadness I had, was stripped away. I felt like I was floating when I saw my angel, named Micheal. No words were said, yet we understood each other. There was no time. I felt no pain. Even the typical human worries and pain like hunger, money, and the things always in the back of my mind were stripped away.
NDE due to accidental overdose of meth.

5320. Buzz Z Probable NDE 2/12/2024. Probable NDE 9818. I was in a very dark 'world' where everything that was around me was absolutely positive. I felt 100% certain that I was supposed to be there. I didn't see people or figures of any kind. I was so relieved to finally be in any kind of space where acceptance and peace were the only feelings flooding in and out of me. It felt like I was at the perfect place and the perfect time.
Probable NDE due to accidental fentanyl overdose.

5319. Jesse S NDE 2/9/2024. NDE 9817. It was like I was floating over myself. It was so quiet and extremely peaceful; I remember the clear blue water and sun rays shining through either before or after this happened.
NDE due to drowning at age 17.

5318. Phil R NDE 2/7/2024. NDE 9816. From the United Kingdom On both occasions, I was completely unconscious and seized for around 2 minutes. While my heart was stopped, I was very aware of my near death experiences. In both cases, there was a fleeting review of my life via thousands of photo snapshots being shown to me in a warming, nurturing, and healing light.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

5317. Michael J NDE 2/7/2024. NDE 9814. From Canada I was looking around and I recognized I was my apartment but it was all dark. I started flying, like drifting around my apartment wondering what’s going on and why is so dark? Then I realized I hovering over my body. All of a sudden, I heard whispering voices coming from out of no where saying, 'He can't see him' and 'Don’t let him see himself.' Naturally, I went back into the bathroom to see what they were talking about. I saw my body crouched around the toilet. Then, I felt sucked backed into my body.
NDE due to alcohol poisoning.

5316. Anita B NDE 2/7/2024. NDE 9813. From Australia. I had awareness that there was a thread from about the mid-lumbar area back down to my body. It was dragging me slightly in my move upwards to these loving souls. As I moved further towards them all sounds of the struggle below in the surgery room and the experience of the thread becoming thinner and thinner were being replaced with magnetic attraction to the very bosom of love that all these faces were projecting.
NDE following delivery with unexpected bleeding and immediately prior to emergency surgery.

5315. Grahame G NDE 2/7/2024. NDE 9812. From Canada I started to feel like I was outside my body and could see people trying to help me and perform CPR. I had visions. I was not afraid and was aware that I was outside my body.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

5314. Briana L NDE 2/4/2024. NDE 9811. I could feel a presence with me. What appeared before me is difficult to explain, as I have never seen anything like them before. They were two Beings, for lack of a better term. They were dark, almost all black. They were oval in shape and had some sort of extremities protruding from the bottom. I wouldn’t call them legs and I’m not sure what their purpose would have been. This is just the best way I could describe them. After years of thought, I don’t think there are any words to describe what they looked like. My description makes them sound scary or intimidating. But they were the opposite. They brought much comfort and gave a sense of understanding.
NDE due to allergic reaction to a medication in the treatment of contractions that threatened premature delivery.

5313. Michelle L Probable NDE 2/4/2024. Probable NDE 9810. An Asian man said, 'OK, you’re going to go one by one up to your next place.' People started to go and I asked, 'What next place? I’m going home.' He repeated, 'You’re going to your next place.' I said, 'I’m not ready to go to the next place. I’m going home.'
Probable NDE due to coding with CPR. Shared less than one month after it occurred.

5312. Ursa L NDE 2/3/2024. NDE 9808. I looked up and saw a huge cloud, full of light. In the center of the light was a figure that I would describe as Jesus. He was a smiling young man with a beard and loving eyes. I looked at him and wanted to go to him.
NDE at age 4 due to head injury. Shared 59 years later.

5311. Nick S NDE 2/1/2024. NDE 9807. From Australia. Everything slowly faded into black. There was a brief moment where I saw images from my little life. Then I was jerked to the corner of the room where I watched my mother rush to the pool fence. She was screaming and pointing. I watched the teacher turn and dive towards me. She swam like a dolphin for a bit and then began swimming with her arms towards me. I watched her lift me up and take me to the side of the pool.
NDE at age 4 due to drowning.

5310. Errol B NDE 2/1/2024. NDE 9806. I was in a VAST darkness. It felt as though I was standing in a dark room but at the same time, I didn’t feel my body. It was peaceful, no fear, and no recollection of what previously transpired. I had no memory whatsoever. I was just existing; I was just there.
NDE due to narcotic overdose.

5309. Jonathon W NDE 1/31/2024. NDE 9805. I felt a light come over my eyelids, I didn't feel the chair I was sitting in, and I felt air rushing over me. I knew I was physically in the therapist's office and sitting in a chair. But, I felt like I was floating with light shining on me during the entire 60 seconds.
NDE due to cardiac arrest recalled six months later during an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) session.

5308. Carlos G NDE 1/30/2024. NDE 9804. Instantly, the pain and cold were gone. Every pain and worry, every experience and moment were washed away. I met a bright flash and opened my eyes. My feet were bare and I was standing in tall, green grass and I was warm. As I looked up, I saw the most indescribable beauty of green, rolling hills and mayflower trees. I met the flash again and was pulled back out of this beautiful place.
Brief NDE due to hypothermia.

5307. Kristie C NDE 1/30/2024. NDE 9803. I was in complete darkness. In most cases, this would seem scary, yet I experienced no fear. I had no worries. In fact, I experienced an overwhelming sense of comfort, love, and the sense of complete security. I also felt surrounded by others who were projecting or emanating the love and welcoming to me.
NDE due to complications of necrotizing fasciitis (“flesh eating disease”).

5306. Kel N FDE 1/29/2024. FDE 9801. All a sudden I was looking down at myself, seeing myself struggling like a rat in a cage. But in this state, I was entirely calm. I was the calmest I had ever been with a warm, bright light covering me and surrounding me like a blanket. With a voice that was felt and heard all around me, sounding almost like a whisper in my ear, but saying 'what is the time.' It did not sound like a question or a statement but rather an observation or passing thought.
Fear death experience due to being buried in snow while skiing.

5305. Candace Q NDE 1/29/2024. NDE 9800. I was out of my body. I could see the nurse with my son and father. We were now in a recovery room. I was transported in a flash to a place where beautiful light was everywhere and it seemed endless. My first thought was, 'I’m home!' It was familiar, peaceful and loving, and the place I have been searching for my entire life. I didn’t have a body but I was aware I was me. I was a sphere of energy. I know I had a choice to stay here or to go. I knew that I wasn’t done with my earthly life and I still need to complete my life’s purpose.
NDE due to anesthetic complication during delivery.

5304. Lewis S Probable NDE 1/29/2024. Probable NDE 9798. From England I had a top down view of the room, looking down at each individual. I completely lost all feeling of intoxication. As clear as day, I could hear the voice in my head say, 'You're dead. That's it, you've died.' These short sentences repeated a few times, but definitely not rushed or in a panic. They repeated in a slow and calm manner. I didn't feel any kind of sadness or shock, just a very calm knowing or understanding.
Probable NDE due to inhaling laughing gas and ingesting other drugs.

5303. Lynnclaire D NDE 1/27/2024. NDE 9787. Exceptional experience. It was a sensing, a knowing and communion with other spirits that could only have been established eons before. Breathing into each other’s hearts and minds, aware that I was dying, I was equally aware that I was being infused with a vibrant knowing of a changeless love. I felt then and feel still, the golden cord formed by One, a bond of timeless love. Our intention was reestablished before this throne hidden behind eternity’s vein.
A beautiful, inspiring, and exceptional NDE accounts ever shared with NDERF. NDE due to traumatic brain injury due to hypoxia while in a hot air balloon race at 21,000 feet.

5302. George C NDE 1/27/2024. NDE 9797. On the other side was the presence of my great-grandmother and grandfather with about 50 or more other family members. They were standing all together on the ground in bodily form; dressed but not fully visible. It was like I knew who they all were but I could not see them clearly. All of them seemed to welcome me. There was no verbal communication, yet it seemed as though they were happy and excited to see me.
NDE due to reaction to shot for Mono.

5301. Sorina M NDE 1/27/2024. NDE 9796. I remember floating above her after deciding to come back and feeling the weight of this. I saw what it would do to her if I wouldn’t have woken up. I saw my future and my children. I have brown eyes and my husband has green eyes and I knew we’d have children with blue eyes and blonde hair.
NDE at age 1 month due to drowning.

5300. Bobby D NDE 1/27/2024. NDE 9795. I KNEW EVERYTHING. I was completely connected to he who made me and I was going BACK to him. I knew I was going BACK, like I'd been there before. It was HOME. It was YHWH. I knew this. I had no questions and no worries. I was complete. I didn't worry about my family and was 100% content with leaving this world. I was separate from my thoughts and my physical shell. The moment I began to separate, I was free.
NDE due to severe auto accident with head injury.

5299. Kelly B Probable NDE 1/27/2024. Probable NDE 9794. I was all alone in 'space' as we would call it. I had no physical body. I was able to go anywhere in the universe that I could think of in an instant. I saw some beautiful planets and stars being born, but nothing in our solar system. I find this odd because I was going to places that I was thinking of instantly, even though I had never known about them. All the while, it seemed like I knew what was going on. I had a choice to go anywhere that I wanted to.
Probable NDE due to accidental overdose of pain medication at age 17.

5298. Joshua D NDE 1/27/2024. NDE 9793. I was above my body. I watched as the police and firefighters came into the room. I could see my blue body but didn’t notice whether I was breathing or not. I saw one of the first responders use two doses of nasal narcan on me because the first dose didn’t work . After the second dose, I felt sucked back into my body.
NDE due to accidental heroin overdose.

5297. Elizabeth S NDE 1/27/2024. NDE 9791. Everything was white and quiet. I felt an extreme sense of peace that words cannot describe. I remember thinking that was odd because my heart was heavy on earth as I had just gone through a horrible breakup with my boyfriend, and was constantly stressed and depressed from deployment. I felt absolutely none of that here, and that was the most significant part of this whole thing. I felt incredible peace, and I felt like I was floating. There was no time, just comfort and white light. I vaguely remember hearing joyful voices of loved ones, although that was also strange as I had never met them on earth. I was told to go back.
NDE due to heat stroke and head injury with subdural hematoma.

5296. Alex T NDE 1/27/2024. NDE 9790. When the doors opened, I could see a man seated on a chair in the far end of the room. I took 3 steps forward and caught sight of his eyes. They were light brown with a bright, golden amber hue to them. The man was large, muscular, olive skinned complexion, with long black curly hair. I knew immediately it was Jesus. His size and strength were consistent with being a carpenter in ancient Israel. Of course, he would be big, strong, and look middle eastern. At that moment, I realized that I was truly dead and that it was judgment day for me. I dropped to my hands and knees and began crying begging for forgiveness, trying to name each sin I'd committed.
NDE due to head injury from severe auto accident.

5295. Nicholas B NDE 1/28/2024. NDE 9786. At that moment, the void came back to the deep, dark nothingness. I then saw a little tiny light, that slowly got bigger and bigger. I then heard the most disturbing sounds a human could make. I did not know what it was coming from. As the light circle got closer and bigger, the noise became louder and louder. My father’s cries became more distant. As the circle of light fully came within my view, it was my consciousness coming back into my body.
NDE due to a fall.

5294. AHK NDE 1/27/2024. NDE 9789. I saw myself from the ceiling and could see and hear the nurse trying to revive me. She was saying 'You have to think of your children! You can’t die!' But I felt such peace and thought, 'My children will be okay.'
NDE during childbirth. Shared 56 years later.

5293. Betty G NDE 1/27/2024. NDE 9788. Jesus asked me if I wanted to go home or stay. I was in His arms, feeling a peace that truly surpasses all understanding. I replied, 'Not my will, Lord, but Yours. I want to see my babies and Amanda (my oldest daughter) needs me.' I was immediately brought back to life.
NDE due to bleeding after emergency cesarean delivery for twins.

5292. Ryan P NDE 1/25/2024. NDE 9785. There were clusters of light all throughout the room. I liken them to the visual effects that Star Trek used when beaming people in and out. They were bright and brilliant light that provided a peaceful feeling. I focused on one of them and went over to it. As I drew closer, I saw that it was my mother-in-law who had passed away not more than an hour or two before. I experienced an overwhelming feeling of calmness and peace.
NDE during brief episode of unconsciousness at time of heart attack.

5291. Steelley P NDE 1/25/2024. NDE 9784. I saw my life from when I was an infant with memories I didn't even know I had. I also saw 'future' memories of my kids grown up and my wife with another man. But I was completely at peace with death and spending eternity in heaven. There was almost an aura around my memories and visions. I specifically remember watching my two friends lift the car off of me and dragging me out from under it.
NDE due to car falling off jack and falling on him.

5290. Aubrey L NDE 1/25/2024. NDE 9782. I was soaring or floating through a long black, tube-like place and at the end there was the brightest light I have ever seen. Once I got through the light, I saw the most beautiful, full, and colorful autumn-like trees. The sky was bright blue, the grass was lush and green. I felt calm with no worries.
NDE at age 6 with cardiac arrest during surgery for tonsillectomy.

5289. Ricky B NDE 1/25/2024. NDE 9781. I felt such a peace while watching the situation, like it’s OK, I’ll be OK. While watching the scene in the warm light, I heard of voice like an internal monologue. It wasn't my voice as it said, 'It’s not your time to have a reason.'
NDE due to motorcycle at over 140 mph.

5288. Christopher K Possible NDE 1/25/2024. Possible NDE 9780. From Australia. I remember seeing light but it felt like an oncoming truck or train. It was like everything else was only part of the void other than that light. I couldn’t look away from it no matter how much I tried. There was no hellish imagery, but it definitely felt like hell. The light felt threatening and like it was coming for me.
Possible NDE due to suicide attempt by hanging.

5287. Christopher A Probable NDE 1/25/2024. Probable NDE 9779. Suddenly, everything went completely calm. I felt the presence of God. I saw what looked like squares of silver wire with fluffy, sparkling clouds in the squares. I was completely at peace. I had lost my oldest son Matthew, 2 years prior due to a motorcycle accident. In this beautiful peace, I heard my son say, 'C'mon Dad, let's go.' I told him, 'I can't son, I have grandbabies to raise.'
Probable NDE due to motorcycle accident. Occurred during surgery.

5286. Matthew D NDE 1/25/2024. NDE 9778. This place is calming. I do not feel fear or sadness. It almost has the feeling of a warm blanket around my body. The man across from me speaks. I cannot hear his voice only my own in my head as I recount the story. He said that I was in an accident but this was not my time yet. He said that I need to go back because I had to do something important to do and that I will know when I need to do it.
NDE due to being struck by car at age 14.

5285. Alberto C NDE 1/25/2024. NDE 9777. I remember seeing myself sleeping with my head down in my first period English class. I felt that I needed to wake up to go to my next class. I could hear my fellow students and truly felt like I was still in my first period class.
NDE at age 14 due to being hit by jeep. Atypical content.

5284. Kyle P NDEs 1/25/2024. NDEs 9776. Then, I had a distinct feeling of physical travel. There was a unexplained, dark void, seemingly endless and not measurable by anything in this world. It was purely immense, dark, scary and beautiful. I felt scared but drawn to the void. It was as if I was approaching a different realm of being. Suddenly the feeling of travel stopped. At the exact moment, a thought or knowing came to me. I dialoged with myself by asking, 'Where is this going to take me? It is OK if I go, but if I do go, I will never see my son again.'
Two NDEs described. The first due to concussion, and the second due to unconsciousness of unknown cause.

5283. Alexandra R NDE 1/24/2024. NDE 9774. The further I got into the woods, I more felt deceased family members around me. I couldn't physically see them, but I could feel the individual presence of each of them around me. After I reached a point in the woods where I was almost in complete darkness, I realized what was happening. I was not scared. There was a comforting feeling that my family was with me, but I knew that it wasn't yet my time.
NDE due to car accident at apparent speed of over 100 miles per hour.

5282. Penny S NDE 1/24/2024. NDE 9773. I remember feeling like I was returning home. Although dark, I was felt like being wrapped in a blanket of comfort, love, unity, and wholeness. I didn’t see him, but I felt John who was my brother’s half-brother. His presence has always been huge, in life and death. There were no visuals for me in this in-between place, but John somehow met me there.
NDE due to an auto accident involving driving into a tree.

5281. Thomas L NDE 1/24/2024. NDE 9772. From Norway. I remember feeling an incredible peace that I have never experienced in my earthly life. I also felt a safe presence from the space I was in. It also felt like I was protected by the angels. The ball of light, almost like a star, felt like something divine that is hard to explain.Archangel Michael stood on the left and it felt like he was watching over me and almost telling me that I'll be o.k.
NDE due to having his head kicked into a concrete wall.

5280. Ryan M NDE 1/24/2024. NDE 9771. Lastly, I saw a glowing, bright figure that was the very definition of beauty. At first I thought it might be Mother Nature? I’m not positive. The imagery seemed so much like Mother Mary, although I can’t recall the image because it was almost blinding. She had a delicate voice that was delicate, assuring, and hopeful. She gave me wisdom about my life and current path. She told me I wasn’t a killer, that this path I was on was not mine.
NDE at age 14 due to asthma attack.

5279. Mason D Probable NDE 1/24/2024. Probable NDE 9770. Next thing I know, I am looking at my body from above the living room. Time was standing still, almost nonexistent. As my three friends were trying to wake me up, my eyes were open. They thought I was playing a joke on them. I could see and hear everything that was going on from above my body. My stepbrothers were playing on the television. My body was burning, like I was on fire.
Probable NDE due to overdose on multiple illicit drugs at age 17.

5278. Eduardo O NDE 1/23/2024. NDE, ADCs, and Others 9769. From Mexico I was in complete bliss, I felt a very very bright light filled with energy that warmed my soul. Everything was so beautiful, peaceful and filled with indescribable music and an enormous love that I had never ever felt before. I felt the presence of my mom and dad, my grandparents and some other family and friends. I was in what we call Heaven; another realm, dimension or density.
NDE due to unconsciousness of uncertain etiology.

5277. Sonia M NDE 1/16/2024. NDE 9766. I felt like I was floating. I saw myself from above in the closet. Then it felt like I was in a tunnel and became the tunnel when I was on the floor. Although, I was out of my body but still felt partially connected to it. I felt warm and at peace despite being in physical pain. I felt a type of calm such as I’ve never felt while on earth.
NDE due to suicide attempt.

5276. Matt L Probable NDE 1/11/2024. Probable NDE;STE 9763. I saw many hills and a mountain around where I live. I could hike and this is where I spent a lot of time. I had a favorite spot with an old, gnarled oak that I used to enjoy resting under. I saw this oak tree but it seemed to be glowing or lit up somehow. Out of it flew a California Scrub Jay, a bird I have seen daily my whole life and would consider my favorite. Nothing was said to me.
Probable NDE or STE due to ingesting substance that led to unconsciousness.

5275. Cristina F STE 1/10/2024. STE 9759. I came here because you called me, not to judge you. If you don't want to look at me, you don't have to. Just look to the other side.' And that was the most profound sentence that I heard in my entire life. The way he spoke, the compassion, the love, and the most important, the non judgment. It was incredibly beautiful and it took me to a completely new perspective.
STE dream with profound awareness of love.

5274. Steve P NDE 1/10/2024. NDE 9761. I felt as though I met 3 different groups of people, 1) those that I knew and recognized like my parents, 2) those whom I had never met or even known about, and 3) those that could send a message or prove God's Grace forgives all sins. We were all linked, all connected on a spiritual level. I became one with the body of Christ. It was amazing!! I never wanted to leave this place. The hugs felt electric, sort of like static electricity. It filled me with joy, warmth, and love.
NDE and Probable ICU Delirium

5273. Simona V NDE 1/2/2024. NDE 9756. Next, just like a light switching on, everything went from despair to complete and utter bliss! There was a brilliant sphere of light (this word does not give justice to what I witnessed) filled with sparkling colors and purity. I had no fear. My body relaxed and felt nothing but joy.
NDE due to drowning at age 11.

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