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Friends, customers and readers, to bring you all up to date, Keith Davis Violin Shop is closed. 

Thank you all for your patronage over the years…and decades.  Sincerely, Keith Davis   http://www.kdavisviolins.com




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While growing up in Wisconsin Keith Davis was fascinated by the fine wood work and exacting fitting the men in the foundries performed in the course of making foundry patterns for casting iron and brass engine parts.  Keith spent time with some of these fellows and learned about cutting tools and how to make them and keep them sharp.  Later, the making of lap dulcimers took place of the wood carving simply because there was no place to buy a dulcimer.  It was a logical step then, to walk into Casa del Sol Violins, Ltd and strike up a converstion with the Master Maker, Al Stancel.  One thing led to another, and Keith became a student of Mr Stancel, learning tool handling, more carving, fitting, bending, graduating, purfling and a thousand other things......on the way to becoming a working violin maker.  Decades of training and experience, the handling of thousands of instruments, endless reading and study have brought Mr Davis to where he is today, one of the premier violin authorities in the South.  


"The Violin Maker"

A documentary about Keith Davis and his shop.


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