KEITH DAVIS - VIOLIN SHOP is now closed.  Some items remain in storage.  Please inquire.  


As a rule we keep about fifty full-size violins in stock.  These may range from entry-level instruments, often sold as "outfits" up to some very special, master-made instruments.   Prices range from under $500 to the price of a small automobile.  We will happily help you to decide what instrument is best for your needs, wants and playing style.  As time permits we will be posting images of available instruments here.  Call or email us with any questions or specific needs.

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We are featuring a fine violin by Italian Maker Antonio Monzino 1935.   In very good condition, played in but not played out, this violin is a wonderful solo instrument and has been played in Venezuala since the late 1940's with trips to the USA for regular check ups and adjustments.  If you are looking for a very good modern Italian, this may be for you.   Please call for price and other details.