Need a piper for your wedding, or has a loved one requested a piper for that last , slow walk?
Some things are still made in the USA. The Cannon Mandolin, in several forms is based on an American instrument from the 1920's and is still being built today, right here in Louisiana. Order one now.    

Visit my blog for fun, and maybe even something to mull over .   Lots of fun here, from stories from my childhood to an antique rocking chair.   Pour a cup of coffee and stop in.   

Of Course, stop in to our FaceBook site.  You'll meet some other players there and see pictures of projects as they develop.   

My books in the Iron Lake Series are here.   Lots of fun talking about my old Yooper friends and my newer South Louisiana friends.   Stop in and set a spell.

When you pass through New Orleans be sure to stop in to Buffa's Bar and Grill.   Real New Orleans food and atmosphere.  This is the only Buffa's.......there isn't one in Iowa or where ever else you might be coming from.  Stop in and tell them you heard it here.   
Luthier's Friend(TM)
From Ken Picou, maker of the Robo-Sander(TM). An essential tool for the independent luthier. A necessity for the serious modeler.
Uncle John's
Uncle John's is a general store dedicated to making available those hard to find items that bring beauty to the eye and pleasure to the soul. Gingerbread House Trim, Victorian Millwork, Cajun Food, Wooden boat kits and Scrollsaw patterns to delight the woodworker.
JEM Watercraft
This company has a library of boat designs, from Kayaks to Pirogues and beyond that any competent home builder can tackle and buid Geat boats, something for everyone.
Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra
One of the very best teaching and performance programs for young musicians in the entire country!
Chuck Rogers Consulting
Yes, I know that statistics show MOST people own IBM clones…Statistics also show that people who really enjoy their computers usually own a Mac! For solutions to business problems, and great tech support, visit Chuck Rogers Consulting. These people really know what they are doing and with their small-town-style of doing business you will feel like family. No kidding !