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Repair and restoration of fine stringed instruments is quite different than what happens "in the back room" of the average music store (whatever that is). Too often some un-trained and un-qualified employee sits in cramped conditions and "fixes up stuff…"

Through the years we have removed nails, screws and pounds of the wrong glues from instruments. Just because a fellow can sell a drum-set doesn't mean he should be working on violins.

Our repair and restoration methods closely follow the classic and proven ways to solve each problem that may have occurred. There are, indeed, right and wrong ways to do things and we strive to retain originality, beauty and to the extent possible, invisibility, of the repairs.

In addition to our specialty in the violin family, we also repair and restore guitars, mandolins, banjos and other strings. And, of course, there are just lots of other pictures we woud like to share.  We will be adding more soon!  

Have you seen a mandolin or something at a yard sale which is really in need of repair?  If the price is right, buy it and we can restore it for you. See a similar story here, showing a "Grandfather Mandolin", brought back to life.    ******** CLICK HERE *********


It is my opinion that new making and repair work must go hand in hand.  Being capable of building new instruments from raw materials helps to develop an appreciation for standard designs and will help in repair work.  We take great pride in our ability to start with trees and end up with instruments...

A long tme ago our shop was on a county highway in Iron River Michigan.  The north light coming in through the windows was great to work in, and there was plenty of time to build things, like this new quartet of instruments. (Look at that nice brown hair...that IS an old picture ! )



While learning and helping at the bench of Al Stancel I built and sold this new violin to a young lady in Kentucky.  The years have flown by, but the violin is still out there playing. 



A few years later this young lady ordered a viola, and while the viola and I have aged, Miss Karen has not, and plays the viola professionally on the East Coast of the USA.  


All sorts of repair work comes in.  Some as simple as this broken and crumbled violin edge.  Shown here here before, during and after.