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An appraisal is usually needed when insuring a valuable instrument or bow. Most insurers want a copy of a document prepared by a working professional, someone experienced in current values of the sort of instrument or bow in question. We have been providing appraisals for insurance and valuation purposes for over twenty-years. We require that the instrument or bow be put in front of us in order to measure and examine it closely. No appraisals will be done on instruments we cannot see and handle. Or standard fee for each appraised item is $55.00 USD. Very valuable instruments or those requiring exceptional research  and thus, extra time, may be higher.  As a rule we will deliver to you two copies of your appraisal.  One is personally signed and relief-stamped with the company seal, and the other is personally signed so that you may keep the official one for your records and the other for your insurance company.  

Call me or email with any questions or to make an appointment for an appraisal.